Stem cell essay conclusion

A study of biology includes the study of the chemical basis of living organisms, DNA. Other related sciences include microbiology and organic chemistry. The word science comes from a Latin word scientica, which means knowledge, or information.

Stem cell essay conclusion

Sometimes ethical issues behind scientific advances are not fully addressed until it is too late, as during the development of the first atomic bomb.

In Stem Cell Research, the editors collected essays to stimulate discussion of the ethical issues surrounding the use of stem cells in research and medicine. This collection provides excellent philosophical and biological arguments in support of stem cell research. The introduction sets the stage for the 10 essays contributed by authors in philosophy, bioethics, and biology, although, as the editors point out, only one contributing author is a scientist.

There is a brief introduction to the political history of stem cell research, followed by descriptions of early mammalian development, in vitro models, and cloning. These descriptions are great refreshers for people already familiar with developmental biology, but the use of technical jargon would make them difficult for the average reader to understand.

The essays address the ethics of stem cell research from a variety of viewpoints. The first essay by Katrien Devolder and John Harris argues that our view of embryos is ethically inconsistent. This inconsistency is evident in the example of identical twins, which result from splitting of the early embryo.

If life begins at conception, as many conservative groups believe, when did life begin for each of these twins? The authors expand on this argument and others regarding the creation of embryos for in vitro fertilization IVF and conclude that the moral arguments against the use of embryos for stem cell research are not consistent with how most people live their lives.

Other arguments examined include the moral principle objection, which is the statement that intentionally allowing a human being to die for pursuit of research is wrong, the concern that stem cell research will support abortion, and the use of embryos already created in IVF clinics for stem cell research.

The last three essays address the social issues surrounding stem cell research. An essay by Lori Gruen, one of the co-editors, examines whether women should be paid to donate their eggs for research and therapies.

David DeGrazia discusses the concerns raised by the potential production of human-animal chimeras and concerns about the use of animals in general for research. The Ethical Issues provides detailed descriptions of the arguments adopted by proponents of stem cell research. It is a great resource for anyone with a biological background seeking intelligent arguments in support of stem cell research.Learn and research biology, science, chemistry, biology, physics, math, astronomy, electronics, and much more. is your scientific resource and internet science PORTAL to more than 20, science sites. Cause Of Obesity. Today two-thirds of adults and nearly one-third of children struggle with overweight and obesity.

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Stem cell essay conclusion

Stem cell research and its funding have caused enormous controversy over the past decade. Stem cells are pluripotent cells present in all living organisms. These cells can differentiate into any type of cell, including blood cells, nerves, cardiac muscle, and pancreatic islet cells. There is something mesmerizing about an evil genius at the height of their craft, and Eric Lander is an evil genius at the height of his craft.

Lander’s recent essay in Cell entitled “The Heroes of CRISPR” is his masterwork, at once so evil and yet so brilliant that I find it hard not to stand. INTRODUCTION. The United States is - by size of electorate - the second largest democracy on the globe (India is the largest and Indonesia comes third) and the most powerful nation on earth, politically, economically and militarily, but its political system is in many .

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