Serial killers essay paper

We could justify L skipping over the remaining 8 bits by pointing out that L can analyze the deaths and infer psychological characteristics like arrogance, puzzle-solving, and great intelligence, which combined with heuristically searching the remaining candidates, could lead him to zero in on Light.

Serial killers essay paper

Between homes, we stayed for a little while with my grandparents in eastern Virginia. He had been a civil engineer for most of his life, a career he chose out of practicality, but his real passion was writing murder mysteries.

This interest was, perhaps, related to the fact that his own father had worked as a homicide detective in the Bronx.

Serial killers essay paper

My great-grandfather had been a secretive, suspicious kind of man, my grandpa told me. In any case, whatever the reason, my grandpa loved murder mysteries. Up until this point in my life, I barely had any idea what a murder was, to say nothing of a mystery, but the whole atmosphere of the house suddenly overwhelmed my child-brain with great intensity.

I decided at that point that I was going to be a detective, or, failing that, a writer of detective stories.


There was a stand of menacing-looking fire-irons on the hearth, and a deep, murky, slow-moving brown creek out behind the back porch. So many different ways to do away with someone!

I remember that my siblings, who were older than me and very kind, indulged my enthusiasm by Serial killers essay paper day staging a scavenger hunt through the house with clues for me to follow. I also recall that I asked for, and received, a magnifying-glass for my birthday in September, which I imagined I would use to uncover all manner of misdeeds.

The magnifying glass, ultimately, mostly came in handy for cataloguing the bugs in my backyard. As with all things, the glamour eventually began to wear off the old house.

It became simply one of several painted backdrops for my preteenaged and adolescent angst—and then evaporated entirely, when I learned that my grandparents, when they bought the house, had agreed to a clause that purported to forbid the future sale of the property to any non-white buyer. The fact that my ancestors were cops, too, now feels decidedly uncomfortable: Nevertheless, I am still very fond of murder mysteries, and associate them with a deep feeling of comfort and nostalgia.

And this, when one thinks about it, is an odd thing.

Serial killers essay paper

To get an illicit thrill from tales of violence would make some kind of sense. To find them soothing is decidedly bizarre. Illustrations by Lizzy Price. Clue game text by Lyta Gold.

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The murder mystery is relatively new as a formal literary genre in the English-speaking world, although mysterious murders, and stories about them, have been around forever.

In mythology, folksongs, and fairytales, ghosts have been rising from their graves to accuse their murderers since time immemorial. Since then, the symbiotic relationship between detective fiction and real-life investigative practice has continued: Sherlock Holmes was modelling cutting-edge forensic techniques at the end of the nineteenth century, while present-day commentators are constantly debating whether the influence of shows like CSI causes juries to be under- or over-skeptical of forensic evidence.

Click to open My own taste in murder mysteries falls somewhere between these two extremes. I am not an omnivorous consumer of detective fiction: I know what I like, and I return to the same things frequently.

The undisputed master of this particular genre, of course, is Agatha Christie. After a difficult day, just hearing the saxophone intro to an ITV Poirot episode is usually enough to lower my blood pressure a few units.

But what is it about murder mysteries that makes them so curiously relaxing? Most of the stories take place in inter-war England, in charming pastoral villages where people do nothing all day but post letters and perturb quail; or in art-deco apartment-buildings teeming with bright young things in smart suits and flapper dresses.

But one can easily imagine a book or show that had all of these charming things, without the element of sudden violent death.Don’t know where to start?

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In the manga Death Note, the protagonist Light Yagami is given the supernatural weapon Death Note which can kill anyone on demand, and begins using it to reshape the world.

The genius detective L attempts to track him down with analysis and trickery, and ultimately succeeds.

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I date my interest in murder mysteries back to the summer before my sixth birthday, just after my family had moved back to the United States from overseas.

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Between homes, we stayed for a little while with my grandparents in eastern Virginia. My grandpa, a retired Navy captain, was exactly the. My first mistake was in not reading the 1-star review.

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