Pol exam 1 study guide

A listing agreement must have a legal description of the listed property or a description sufficient to identify the listed property and state the price of the listed property. Question 22 What information must a licensee disclose, when transacting a personal purchase, in bold underlined capital letters on the first page of a purchase contract for the property they are buying? A his real estate license number B his status as a current licensee C the name of his broker D his length of time as a licensee Question 22 Explanation:

Pol exam 1 study guide

Sign up for free to view: Government- A system or organization for exercising authority over a body of people. Politics- A way of determining, without recourse to violence, who gets the power and resources in society and how they get them.

The making of promises, deals, and laws. What are two different types of capitalism and what do they do? Capitalism- The market determines production, distribution, and price decisions.

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What is socialism similar to? Economic decisions are made by politicians, based on their judgment of what society needs.

Socialism is basically the same thing as communism. What is a Social Democracy?

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What is an Authoritarian System? Gives ultimate power to the state rather than to the people to decide how to live their lives.

What are some different types of Authoritarian Systems?

A system that combines authoritarian government with a socialist economy. What is Authoritarian Capitalism?

Pol exam 1 study guide

A system in which the state allows people economic freedom, but maintains stringent social regulations to limit non-economic activities. No laws or government altogether. What is a Democracy and what does it do? Citizens are the ultimate source of power What are the three theories of Democracy? Give mini summaries for each.

Political decisions are made by the elite, not normal everyday people. Choose among predetermined competing leaders. Input ends after leader is chosen. Feel that individual citizens have little to no effective power, only organized groups do.

Pol exam 1 study guide

Feel that direct democratic participation is more effective everyone has a say, no representatives. What is a Republic?Find Study Guide for Final Exams & Assignments! Boost Your Grade Get an assignment solutions for homework help, studying and test prep in any university subject. The following are the range of scores and the universities that you can apply, that I got it from various websites.

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Exam 1 Study Guide 1. Idealism is to Realism as Campaigning for Political Office is to _? a. Voting b. Holding%(5).

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