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Aren't there companies pulling out of Saudi Arabia because of this? As of right now, these companies aren't pulling out of Saudi Arabia, there are various CEOs of major companies like JP Morgan, McDonalds and some others are merely pulling out of some sort of big conference that's supposed to take place soon. It's called the Future Investment Initiative conference. These companies aren't going to walk away from the billions of dollars they make from doing business with Saudi Arabia, not for the death of a reporter or a million others just like him.

Megacard corporation

Description This nonprovisional application is a continuation of International Application No. Field of the Invention The invention relates to a method for producing an identification document that can be displayed on a mobile communication device of an ID user and a server arrangement for carrying out the method.

Furthermore, the invention relates to an identification document, in particular for the authentication of authorizations or qualifications of a person, the use of this identification document for processing transactions at a transaction terminal and a method for the management of the identification documents.

The physical nature of the identification document is not limited to certain forms, instead the term covers all feature combinations that can be used as an ID in the broadest sense. In particular an identification document is used to authenticate authorizations or qualifications of the person.

Credit cards and bankcards are also to be seen as IDs within the meaning of the invention. These have been part of everyday life for many years and are used to pay for goods and services.

For payment, the currently necessary credit card is shown, the data shown thereon are usually detected in an electronic manner by reading a magnetic strip arranged on the card or a chip integrated into the card and sent for billing to a central database of the credit card provider.

To prove the identity of the payer, usually in addition a printed Megacard corporation must be signed manually by the user. Credit cards are also used for the payment of Internet orders, wherein, naturally, a proof of identity with a signature is not possible thereby.

In addition, credit cards and bankcards frequently make it possible to withdraw cash from ATMs, wherein a secret PIN code has to be entered for identification.

Unfortunately, this type of payment transaction provides many possibilities for misuse, so that there are new Megacard corporation of credit card theft and card misuse in the media almost daily. This represents an enormous problem not only for the providers of credit cards, but also leads to high liability risks for credit card users or, under some circumstances, also among the credit institutions or banking institutions responsible.

In particular when the secret PIN code is found out, it is often difficult for the user to prove his innocence and the observed caution in dealing with the PIN code.

IDs are also issued in credit card format by official authorities as well as private individuals, since these have a handy size, can be easily produced in a computer-assisted Megacard corporation and furthermore provide the possibility of using security features, such as a hologram, an ID photo or an integrated circuit smart card installed in the card, so that good protection against counterfeiting is achieved.

Thus cards are used not only for official documents, such as driver's licenses, social security cards or identity cards, but also by companies as identification documents, such as for access control systems or as authorization cards for IT systems. Compared to the conventional cards, smart cards provide the additional option of being able to store any data on the card.

Another large field of application for the check card format are cards that are issued by companies to their customers in the course of customer loyalty programs.

Megacard corporation

Loyalty cards offer the customer special advantages in the form of free gifts, bonuses and other incentives and often have their own credit card function. In the meantime almost every consumer has a number of plastic cards from a variety of providers and it is often no longer even possible to fit all of the cards together in a handy wallet.

Due to the broad use of the check card format and the high sales associated therewith, there is a strong inducement for criminals to circumvent the security measures of these cards and to use someone else's cards for improper purposes.

Current systems often offer only a low resistance to offenders, since the possession of the physical card itself is not even necessary for misuse, the possession of a copy of the data stored on the card is often sufficient.

The skimmers read the magnetic strip of the cards while the cards are inserted into the ATM slots. The entry is thereby filmed by a mini camera hidden in the skimmer, so that the entered PIN is discernible on the recording.

The skimmers are coordinated with certain designs of ATM and the camera is installed in the skimmers such that the keypad of the ATM is in the field of view of the camera. After a time, the skimmer is removed by the criminal again and the data recorded thereon are evaluated. Copies of the card can be made with the aid of the data with low technical expenditure.

It is particularly disadvantageous for the customer who has been stolen from that the thieves are also in possession of the valid PIN code and can withdraw money from the cardholder's account with the card copy. It would be desirable to create identification documents that cannot be copied even if a thief has all of the data that are stored on the card.


It would also be desirable to create a system in which the PIN entry takes place on a device not publicly accessible, which thus is protected against tampering. A more simple, but likewise very widespread method that thieves use in order to get someone else's card and the associated PIN code is detecting the PIN entry at ATMs or payment terminals.

Detecting the PIN entry is often not difficult, since the key blocks on ATMs are often arranged in such an exposed manner that a hidden entry of the PIN is only possible for the user with great difficulty.

As soon as the PIN has been detected, the card is pilfered unnoticed by a trick theft. Using the card the thief or his instigators can then make payments or withdraw cash unauthorized until the theft is noticed and the card is blocked or until the credit limit is reached or the account is empty.

In these cases the customer is often liable for the entire damages, since the bank assumes that he has not exercised enough care in keeping the PIN code secret. It would be desirable to render possible a less exposed PIN entry than is possible with the current systems.

A further disadvantage of the check card format lies in fact that it is not usually noticed that individual cards are missing until the card is to be used.

Therefore there is often a substantial period of time between the time of the theft and the time at which the theft is discovered, which makes it possible for the thief to cause a large amount of damage before the card can be blocked.

There is a need for ID systems the theft of which is noticed more quickly by the card user than is currently the case. The disadvantages and problems described above are solved or reduced by the features of the present invention as it is defined in the attached claims.

IDs in credit card format are composed, for example, of a front and a back of the card. A user identifier suitable for communication addressing on a standard basis is considered to be in particular the telephone number of a mobile phone that is assigned uniquely worldwide to a specific person the telephone contract holder and via the SIM card a specific mobile device.

Megacard corporation

The prerequisites are currently also met by e-mail addresses, wherein the mobile phone number due to the SIM card permits a more unequivocal assignment to a specific hardware.Where the truth lies is anyone's guess—Punk was clearly speaking from a place of frustration in the interview, while the WWE is a publicly traded corporation that will protect its interests at.

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In January , Bill O'Brien, vice president of the Megacard Corporation's Business Travel department, was reviewing his department's results, which were generally encouraging.

Although several long-established Business Travel Centers had not yet made a profit, new ones had opened and were doing well. Chris van der Ende. Purchasing Manager at MegaCard Nordic AB. Location Strangnas, Sweden Industry Information Technology and ServicesTitle: Purchasing Manager at .

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