Is our security at risk essay

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Is our security at risk essay

Attitudes Attitudes In order to understand and differentiate between security and safety, their definitions as well as some key principles underpinning both concepts should be reviewed. The concept of safety stems from the need for protection against accidents, modelling of which covers factors of technology, humans, and organization.

Security, on the other hand, primarily suggests protection against theft and harm. Within industrial safety, the hazards are primarily linked to unintended incidents.

Further differences between industrial safety and security arise in the number of contributors to the issue. In other words, security threat perpetrators are usually individuals or small groups trying to cause harm, or gain some profit effortlessly International Nuclear Safety Group, On the other hand, safety threat execution may require many contributors or numerous unintended actions.

Based on this differentiation, security incidents are malicious and unconstitutional acts, whereas safety threats, although not intentionally malicious, can still be unconstitutional.

Within the scope of industrial safety, the range of losses is usually narrow and may include injuries and death, environmental damage, delivery delays, and loss of reputation.

Such losses may be impossible to replace and their implications may be long lasting. In contrast, the range of losses arising from security threats is broad in nature and mainly relates to physical assets and sensitive information, making their replacement or compensation easier through insurance.

However, in high-risk environments, losses arising due to security breaches can be more damaging to organisations.

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For example, as piracy of the coast of Somalia is commonplace, it is accepted that shipping companies can offset the potential risks to their vessels by employing security contractors and insurance. However, if a vessel is hijacked and crewmembers are kidnapped, the organisation will suffer serious consequences.

Is our security at risk essay

Safety can be described as a function of mechanical design aimed at strategising and assisting in the integrity and protection from unintentional human errors and disasters. In contrast, security measures are designed to strategise and assist in the protection from deliberate and voluntary human actions.

However, it must be recognised that deliberate human actions can also contribute to safety errors. For instance, not following work procedures in order to speed up processes is a deliberate act that may lead to an accident that constitutes a safety breach. Therefore, perceiving safety measures solely as means of protection against unintentional human errors is erroneous.

So where is the distinction? The basic ideas underpinning both security and safety are the same.

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Nonetheless, there are some distinctions that differentiate the two concepts. The table below highlights the disparities between security and safety, as perceived by Albrechsten However, safety hazards described in row 6 can be both external as well as environmental threats, as demonstrated by the recent incident at Fukushima nuclear plant, which was badly damaged in March due to a natural disaster.

This event certainly affected the safety of businesses and the civil community surrounding the reactor.Threat modeling and security testing are similar in regard to both serve the purpose of addressing risk, however, both have their own respective specific this assignment identify and explain the key differences between security testing and threat modeling.

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