Inquiring minds want to know now question 3 and 4

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Inquiring minds want to know now question 3 and 4

And ask yourself one question. Which alligator is the closest? In other words, what is happening right now that needs your attention the most? What are your priorities?

Some alligators are evident: Do you have control over things that require immediate attention? Do you have too many outside commitments? Are the kids always rushed and uncooperative? You have time to plan.

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The danger lurks in deciding which alligator to tackle next. Decluttering or organizing activities is never something that has to be done right away, but the longer you delay, the less motivated you will feel to do them.

Research indicates that not being able to cross out an activity from your mental to do list diminishes your productivity because it interferes with other tasks you might be doing.

Your life is probably not the same on any given day, but you can still write down all your usual tasks or categories of tasks and think about your priorities.

My priorities would look different from yours. I start with kids because when they are happy, they are more likely to give me space to do other activities. Then I ask myself: What is the worst that can happen if I delay this today?

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The answer to this question helps me decide on the course of action. This answer gives me enough motivation to tackle decluttering right away. Focus Reward your brain for staying focused on one task. If you read your kid a book while eyeing a clutter pile and making plans for dinner, you are not only missing out on the intrinsic value of each activity, but you are actively depleting your mental resources by switching your thinking from topic to topic.

You might need to keep an eye on a crawling baby while reading a book to an older kid, but most multitasking is self-induced. Combined with sleep deprivation and constant interruption — two other activities that increase mental fatigue — you are actively creating a situation which uses up your mental energy at increased speed.

By mid-afternoon, you will feel as if you are performing at the limits of your capabilities. First, you begin feeling sleepy. Next, your ability to stay calm goes. Finally, you lose temper. Focusing on one alligator at a time will keep you calmer and more productive.

And the more you do it, the better you get at it. Routine tasks can become urgent if you are not careful The trouble with many non-urgent, routine responsibilities is that they can easily become urgent if ignored long enough. Planning for the routine tasks is an important step in dealing with your alligators.

The reason I take the time to plan things like one-on-one time with each kid is that it is something that can easily become a nice thing that I never seem to get around to. Without one-on-one time, it takes more time and more energy to gain the same results because kids are uncooperative or worse, dissolve into unexpected meltdowns at the most importunate moment.

Beware of seemingly Urgent Activities that are not all that Urgent If you want to get more out of your day, beware of tempting distractions. The ping of a Facebook notification, a text, an email, all fall into this category.

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We instinctively want to react immediately. They break up the routine, but we are busy, so firing off that reply starts to feel like an urgent matter. Besides, I reason, it was probably me who shoved it somewhere when I was picking things up. It can be a great bonding experience if you resist turning it into a lecture.

Just beware that if you routinely drop what you are doing, over time, it adds up. Take the time to think about your urgent activities that can be ignored without any repercussion.

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Sure, it makes my house look better for all of five minutes before my kids pull out the toys again. It always takes the same 15 minutes by our sand clock to pick up all the toys no matter how many are out. Why are we driven to pick up toys, clean up a kitchen island, check emails and do other short and sweet activities that negate themselves within ten minutes of completion?Life is unpredictable.

When something interrupts your plans, it’s good to know there’s a way to supplement your income, in case of an unexpected life event.

Inquiring minds want to know now question 3 and 4 Answers to the World's Greatest Questions (Popular Science Fact Book for Inquiring Minds) (): Bjorn Carey: Books.

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