How to write a cv in nigeria

Your CV is practically who you are, what you carry and portray. Without meeting you, a prospective employer, or anyone who comes in contact with it, should have some good idea of who you are.

How to write a cv in nigeria

How do you write one that stands out from the many CVs human resource managers and recruiters receive when recruiting? An ultimate rule for CV writing is — be different and show your selling-point. What is a CV? A curriculum vitae popularly known as CV is brief synopsis or account of your educational, professional experience, skills and more typically used for job applications.

There are 2 types of CVs — the educational CV and the experience focused type. Listing either educational or professional experience is best done by starting with them from most recent to oldest. The CV Writing Format 1. Personal Details This section consists of your name, address, age not be compulsoryphone number, email.

Put these in a strategic location and in legible fonts so that they can be easily seen by the HR manager or recruiter. Ensure the information provided are current. Never use an email that is not yours. Avoid stating your state of origin, religion except if specified in the job advertorial and unprofessional email addresses.

Work Experience Start with your most recent job role. An example would be: Individually increased the monthly revenue from N15 million to N25 million in 6 months. Worked with the marketing team to spread our products from Lagos to all the 6 states of the Western Nigeria within a year.

Always remember to tweak your job experience in line with what you are applying for. Education Always start with the most recent educational qualification.

how to write a cv in nigeria

Professional certification that is relevant to the job should also be added to this section. History and International Relations. Excellent diplomatic skills and versed in three foreign languages — French, Portuguese and Chinese Graduated with a first class grade of 4.

Interests and Abilities This section should be kept short and simple. Key things to note here are:CV Format in Nigeria: Achievements This is a run-down of exceptional accomplishments you have bagged over a period of time. It can include a record breaking GP, an award, a surpassed target, an impeccable record and the likes.

How To Write A CV in Nigeria. I recently heard somewhere — I can’t remember where so no credit to whoever said it — that there’s no specific format for writing CVs in Nigeria.

When writing your CV in Nigeria, presentation is everything! Your content, layout, template, font type, font size, line spacing, bullets and borders are crucial in achieving an awesome CV.

PDF CV in Nigeria dependably looks more expert than those spared in DOC/DOCX. Also, there you have it. Presently you ought to have the capacity to compose a legitimate CV in Nigeria that will awe your potential managers and land you the position you have been searching for.

An ultimate rule for CV writing is – be different and show your selling-point. It’s worthy to note there’s is no one right format to write a CV. One rule you should note, however, is that your CV should be able to put you in the spotlight for the role you’re applying for, this will inform the HR manager or recruiters decision to invite you to an interview.

Learn How to Write A Good CV in Nigeria.

how to write a cv in nigeria

A CV includes a summary of your educational and academic backgrounds as well as teaching and research experience, publications, presentations, awards, honors, affiliations and other details.

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