Hear me as i am essay

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Hear me as i am essay

Not putting value on large status symbols is Right Thinking. Be quietly comfortable; if you are well ahead you should not aspire to enter the ranks of the wealthy but be sharing more. In Olden Days, Druids studied for years to become literate in several languages, to memorize laws and teaching stories and then recite them, to play an instrument and sing, to make extemporaneous poetry, and other things.

Some modern-day Druids consider that achieving a Masters degree gives them approximately 20 years of education, or that being head of a Grove or well-informed about the old mythos and lore gives them the title.

Or they just consider themselves as such because of their inherent status and importance. But I have read about history. Before Modern Times common people mostly stayed where they were born all of their lives.

Even as late as Pre-Industrial Age most non-noble, ordinary people travelled 15 miles or less from their home-place in all their lives.

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Travel was difficult and news disbursal was slow; so only what happened in your neighbourhood was well known. Then Market day would permit news from the surrounding area and near villages and towns to be traded along with speciality goods.

Big fairs once or twice a year brought further news, imported goods, and professional performers. More classes of people went to big fairs so the news would be different in scope. On market day you would talk over your own tradespeople, farmers, and miscreants but at a Fair the news would include kings, far-away wars, clan fights, all that constitutes history.

Before Common Era you might see a Druid or hear what the Druidic opinion was about the history. Common people had a rich and meaningful life that had its own complete history; just one that has never made it into the books. It needed no Druid to tell you what to think or do, you could decide on your own.

You might consider your family or community history; if you felt you needed advice, counsel, or Magic you need not search out a titled person. Although people might travel quite a distance in their estimation, not ours to consult a Healer or Soothsayer those people continued to be viewed as people much like the applicant but with a skill….

A skill with a little mysterious to it— people in touch with the Other World or wise in healing were like blacksmiths, dealing in Magic but a common-sense kind, not too dangerous. You still lived down the road and traded elixir for shoes or foretellings for a chicken.

Maybe if word of mouth spread enough a lady might come for a Magic Potion and give a little bit of jewellery in exchange but you were still a small person, rooted in your own countryside, associated with your own people, secure in your own identity. In the Pagan community there is a status than many aspire to— being a Big Name Pagan BNP which would presumably make you larger than life.

You might be able to live, possibly live large, on your Pagan earnings! You could be fortune-teller to the stars! But no, if suddenly my readings of Ogham went viral or people flocked to hear me give out about Irish lore or Socialist Druidry none of these is really viable even as a daydream I would not become a BNP, I would still live the same small life as now and just share more.

Because I want to live a small life as a goal. I want to be in the web of common people and connected to my many equals; this is the Right Place. I am a skilly-person; my skill is Magic and God-Speaking but I am not a religious leader, I am just religious.

Hear me as i am essay

People can ask me about what the Gods are saying, what is Right Action and Balance in a given situation, herbal preparations and Magic, divinatory advice…… but I will ask for help in their skill in return. So what about the coming End Times when all Small People should rise up?

In more recent Irish history there were the Troubles; that part of the island not included in the Irish Republic was at war. Many other small people saw those soldiers as part of their community, equals and compatriots.

Even if circumstances kept them from playing an active, fighting part the people actively fighting were still neighbours.Read this essay on Can You Hear Me Now. Come browse our large digital warehouse of free sample essays. Get the knowledge you need in order to pass your classes and more.

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