Good starting speeches

Text version below transcribed directly from audio] My fellow citizens: I have requested this opportunity to talk to the people of Massachusetts about the tragedy which happened last Friday evening. This morning I entered a plea of guilty to the charge of leaving the scene of an accident.

Good starting speeches

Zerhouni Director of NIH " You know, it's very simple. You can't put a large box in a small box. Well, you cannot put a full life in a small dream box.

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It's really a privilege for me to be here and celebrate with you on this beautiful day. I also wish my mother-in-law was here to see what I was doing today because I still have to convince her, on a daily basis, that her daughter made the right choice many years ago.

I'm honored to be here because I also, as a parent myself, can feel the joy of your parents and friends who are here. As a parent, I remember the birth of my first son as if it was yesterday, and I can tell you, your parents also remember those 22 years ago and days when you were born.

For you, those 22 years may have seemed very long and arduous, but I can tell you, for parents, they are very short. They all remember you as a baby, and they can't believe you have become such a formidable graduate of one of the most prestigious institutions in the world.

And that's an illustration of what I call the relativity principle of time and aging. The older you are, the faster time seems to go by, and the faster tuition bills seem to come through, as well. But, you know, you are the legacy of your parents to this world, and they all deserve our heartfelt recognition for doing such a good job, and I'd like all the graduates, if you don't mind, to Good starting speeches a round of applause to your parents.

It's also a great honor for me to give this address in the last year of President Charles Vest's Good starting speeches tenure at MIT. There's no question that Dr. Vest, from my point of view as a federal agency official, today is one of the most influential thought leaders in higher education.

He has this rare combination that you don't find a lot in life that combines vision and flawless execution. Well, last night, he conducted the Boston Pops with a flawless execution, I hear.

President Vest, we're impressed. Recently my younger son, Adam, actually was initiated in a fraternity called Phi Kappa Psi, and as I was checking to make sure that this was a good fraternity, a decent one, I found out that Dr. Vest was a member of that fraternity. So when people ask me now about my son, Adam, I say, "Oh, don't worry, he belongs to the exact same fraternity Dr.

What can you say to 2, very bright graduates that will make a difference in telling them about where you see life and where you see a field of science, where you see yourself?

As I was preparing my speech, I was looking at what was the best strategy to do that, and I came across the story of a Commencement speaker at Yale University, who had the great idea of using every letter of the Yale name as a starting concept.

So he used Y for youth, and he went on and on about youth. And then he used A for ability, which you all have, and he went on and on. And from the back of the room, somebody said, "Thank God we're not the Massachusetts Institute of Technology!

Instead I'll tell you about what I think are the very critical both scientific challenges of the 21st century, but also what is your role in it. The challenge, frankly, for us in the 21st century, is one that we have brought upon ourselves, and I'll just go back in history a little bit to give you the perspective of how I see it.

When you think about the universe, you hear that about But there were other Big Bangs. The Earth came about five billion years ago, and about four billion years ago, with a mysterious event, life appeared.

And what happened is that through replication of very special molecules, DNA and RNA, something very unique happened whereby natural evolution allowed, through multiple variations and survival of the fittest, the emergence of a very diverse life on earth.

But there is a third Big Bang, and this is the one you're living in today, which you have to take account of, and that is the Big Bang of knowledge. It occurred aboutyears ago when about 10,d individuals, at most--as we look at the genome and we look at the variation of the genome across the human population, it is very clear that all of us have come from the same founding population of 10, individuals in Africa about a hundred thousand years ago.

So we're not that different from each other, in historical terms. And yet that changed the game of life because, through knowledge, through our ability, through our intelligence, we're able to transfer information from one child, from one parent to a child, from a parent to another one and, through generations, we're able to develop tools of adaptation the world has never seen.

We've been able to change our environment at a speed, at a velocity that is much faster than what we can adapt to ourselves through our natural mechanisms of natural evolution.

Good starting speeches

Let me give you an example. Obesity is an emerging public health threat. This year the Centers for Disease Control said that obesity is the second [leading] cause of premature mortality and morbidity in this country.

Now why is that? Because for millions of years, our genes evolved in the context of food scarcity.How to Start a Speech — 12 Foolproof Ways to Grab Your Audience! Jan 06, by Gary Genard. The good news is that since you know your topic well and you're psyched up for the big game (it's an audience of decision-makers, remember?) you should be well positioned to succeed.

Famous Speeches that Illustrate How to Start a Speech. [AUTHENTICITY CERTIFIED: Text version below transcribed directly from audio] Good morning. The National Rifle Association-- four million mothers, fathers, sons, and daughters -- join the nation in horror, outrage, grief, and earnest prayer for the families of Newtown, Connecticut, who have suffered such an incomprehensible loss as a result of this unspeakable crime.

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You have heard the saying “First impressions are lasting; you never get a second chance to create a good first impression. By following any one of these tips for starting your speech, you are sure to grab your audience’s attention every time.

Father of the Groom Speeches 3 SPEECH 2 Ladies and Gentleman, It is a privilege to be speaking in front of you all today, but we all know that this day.

Oct 16,  · In this Article:Article Summary Sample Speeches Writing the Introduction Writing the Body of the Speech Ending with a Strong Conclusion Community Q&A Being a member of student council can help you help your school.

However, it takes hard work to get into student council. You need to craft a good 82%(). These famous speeches lifted hearts in dark times, gave hope in despair, refined the characters of men, inspired brave feats & changed the course of history Starting Huckberry With Andy Forch & Richard Greiner.

Podcast # A Better Way to Network No man can be a good citizen who is not a good husband and a good father, who is not.

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