Cox s container company ccc

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Cox s container company ccc

Serious, positive, good intentions only list your contact below. This is the place for owner operators looking for part time drivers to drive their truck. While this may sound strange to some of you, for many people this is a situation that could be very beneficial and has probably been a wish of many truckers and owner operators.

Driving full time would make it hard to get any of those things done. If you had your own truck or if you were driving for an owner operator who only wanted to drive part time you might be able to drive for a week and take off for a week.

Or you might work out split or shared driving in any combination that suited you both. There might be an owner operator who wanted to take every summer off to vacation with the family or for whatever reason.

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While there may be a person with CDL license who works as a teacher like Telemoonfa from Arizona who inspired this page the rest of the year and want to be a trucker during the summer.

It would be hard for either of these people to find the situation they wanted to suit there needs. Owner operators if you want a driver to workout a part time schedule with for driving your truck give a brief description of what your looking for and what the driver will be doing and be sure to leave your email or number.

Drivers looking for part-time driving opportunities be sure to leave your information about the situation you want and whether it is flexible and leave your email or contact information. No one needs to leave an exact address, you can discuss that when you correspond.

Both of you get all the information from the other person before actually doing business. This is supposed to be a positive mutually beneficial arrange for both parties.

Remember a person could come back and post negative comments and you agree not to hold us liable for the results of those negative comments.

Owner Operator Seeking Drivers Do you want to drive part time?

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Or, Are you an owner operator seeking a part time driver. There are many scenarios where a person may not want to be a full time trucker. With the internet in place it is easier than ever for an owner operator with a truck and a driver wanting to drive only part time to connect with each other to meet both needs.

Spread the word about this page so that more people are aware of this useful tool for creating the situation that they desire. Where are you located and what is your name Tell Us Your Story! Close Help Tell us what type of scenario your looking for.

Do you want to drive during the summer or every other week or one week per month.

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Give a description of what type of trucking scenario you are looking for. If you are an owner operator looking for a driver, describe what type of situation that you are looking for. Upload Pictures or Graphics optional [?

Click the button and find it on your computer.At Cox Container, we have a reputation as a preferred supplier to buyers of stock and custom blow molded containers. Our goal is to maintain this reputation through a daily commitment to produce the very highest quality containers available.

The main reason why Cox asked Wilson to conduct a company review is to get the company moving forward, such an act could have been shared with department managers, despite Wilson’s conclusions, strategies must be compromises that allow the company to move forward (Johnson, ).

Cox s container company ccc

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Cox s container company ccc

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