Business writing blog 2006 tips and tricks

Not because I used it, because the mobile device is getting more powerful, more common and more useful as a business tool. Blog readers are now subscribing to and reading blogs using mobile phones and PDAs. While converting all of your web pages, blog posts and RSS feeds to mobile standards may well make sense, it looks like a pretty big undertaking. A fairly new service called Winksite allows you to easily turn your current blog RSS feed into a version that can be consumed very nicely by mobile readers.

Business writing blog 2006 tips and tricks

But, Microsoft Word, one of the most popular editors in the Windows world, does little to facilitate this iterative refinement of the document.

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Although Microsoft word provides "review" functionality that keeps track of changes in the document, using reviewing functionality makes the document cluttered and messy. Further, Microsoft Word does not provide common functionalities such as comparing, merging, or identifying differences between different versions of the document.

Managing multiple versions of a software code written in java, C, etc is a well established technology in the software development world. One such tool that facilitate managing multiple version of the software code is SVN. Yesterday, after getting frustrated with the limited capability of the Microsoft word in managing multiple version of the document, I thought of using SVN.

After Googling and searching on blogs, I found that SVN along with TortoiseSVN can be used to setup a free home-made document management system for maintaining word documents. To get you an idea of the power of this free document management system, below is the image of the Microsoft Word that shows different version of the same document.

Notice "new addition" in the title. The image below shows the 1. The current document on which I am working lower right panel 2. The previous version of the same document upper right panel 3. Changes in the document. New additions are shown in Red Color middle panel 4. Only changes left panel Step by Step instructions to setup Microsoft word document management system Justin McLaughlin Digital & Social Media Specialist Heros.

Interested in seeing the latest in virtual reality video technology?

business writing blog 2006 tips and tricks

Look no farther than Heros and booth N at the New Media Expo. As an NMX sponsor, Heros will be sharing their complete VR video production workflow including content capture hardware, workflow management software and their latest virtual.

February 13, in blog chat | Permalink | Comments (0) | TrackBack (0) | Google This. February 12, RSS Ads Don't Follow the Contextual Logic.

Interesting post from Heather Green at Business Week regarding advertising in RSS feeds. She interviews Feedburner's Dick Costello who is discovering that contextual ads in RSS feeds don't do as well as ads simply focused on the demographic of. It's easy to build a blog, but hard to build a successful blog with significant traffic.

Over the years, we've grown the Moz blog to nearly a million visits each month and helped lots of other blogs, too. We have to first see why data has got corrupted. The ways to recover Tally data depends on reason it gets corrupted.

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