Benefit of sports in school essay

The Importance of Sports Participation in sports is extremely important, and should be encouraged much more.

Benefit of sports in school essay

Athletics have been a mainstay of the high school scene for decades. Today, the field has merely expanded, encompassing an even greater variety of competitive options for male and female students alike.

While many students get involved in high school athletics for sheer love of the game, there are significant benefits from these extracurricular activities as well. We have 10 ways high school sports benefit students — some of which students and parents may not even realize. Community Representation Benefit of sports in school essay club sports have become a popular pastime for both students and college recruiters, there is still a lot to be said for playing for your high school team.

According to Unigostudents who participate in high school sports learn the benefit of representing their community on the field or court.

These athletes learn the fun of team rivalries and revel in the praise of a job well done for their school.

This feeling of community and the honor of representing the home team may run over into college athletics if the student advances in his sport as well. Fitness The fitness level of athletes in high school sports programs cannot be underestimated.

According to a report from the National Federation of State High School Associations NFHSa study on female athletes found that when female students are given more opportunity to participate in athletics in high school, their weight and body mass improve.

A survey found that students agreed they would not spend as much time in sedentary activities like watching television and playing video games if they had other options after school. Studies also suggest that student athletes are less likely to participate in unhealthy or risky behavior when they are playing sports in high school.

The same report by the NFHS cited a study by the Department of Education that found students who spent no time in extracurricular activities in high school were 49 percent more likely to use drugs and 37 percent more apt to become teen parents.

Benefit of sports in school essay

Just four hours in an extracurricular activity like sports each week dramatically improved those numbers. The survey also showed that student athletes missed less school than their non-athlete counterparts, with a total of 7.

Because sports offer equal opportunity to all students at the high school level, these academic benefits extend to all area of the student population, including students that might be traditionally underserved.

Team members learn that practice is required, even when they would prefer to be spending time with friends. They learn the harder they work, the better they perform. They also discover that by never giving up, they are more likely to achieve their goals. These life lessons benefit students long after the high school years, helping them succeed in college and after.

Teamwork and Cooperation An article at We Play Moms explains that because everyone is working toward a common goal in team sports, students learn firsthand how their performance impacts the rest of the team.

Student athletes must find their place, whether it is to be a leader of the team or to play a supporting role. Positive Mentors High school athletics are filled with positive mentors, from the coaches on the sidelines to the leaders on the team.

Students learn to work with a wide range of authority figures, who teach them important lessons about hard work, respect and good sportsmanship.

Early experiences with mentors like these help shape student athletes in positive ways for the rest of their lives. Social Relationships Students who participate in sports often forge close friendships with others on the team. These relationships are essential for mental, emotional and physical health throughout the high school years.

Students bond together over a common passion, and the time they spend together at practice and games builds tight bonds that often last long after high school is over. Leadership Skills As students advance through the ranks of the high school team, they learn valuable leadership skills.

Senior athletes are expected to encourage younger team members and hold them accountable. They set an example and often provide advice and guidance both on and off the field.

Athletes must learn time management skills if they are to get everything finished. It affects when I have to do my schoolwork, and when I have to practice. Success Mindset We Play Moms outlines the mindset for success that is instilled in student athletes, which includes: Time management skills Creativity in finding ways to improve Strong focus and concentration development Internal skills for handling pressure Learning when to take risks Taking responsibility for individual performance These skills go far beyond the sports field or even beyond high school.

Student athletes reap the benefit of their training for the rest of their lives.Write an essay in which you present the beneficial effects of high school sports on athletes, families, and communities, For example, you might discuss how playing on a team sport teaches students about working with others on a school assignment, a family project, or a community event.

Participation in school sports provides a sense of belonging and being part of a team or group. You interact with your peers in a friendly manner.

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You learn to consider the interests of your teammates and to practice mutual respect and cooperation. The main benefits of sport are improved health and fitness, and the development of social and communication skills.

With more than a third of adults in the USA being classed as obese, and many more being overweight, it has never been more important to . One psychological benefit of sport is that they can boost the self esteem of the people participating.

The self-esteem of the children is boosted when parents give their child positive feedback and show a sense of pride in what their child has accomplished (Bilich, p.1)..

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Careers in Sports /5(20). To keep healthy, one must take an active interst in sports. Thus sports serve an essential purpose in life because they ensure good health and build a fine physique.

If one is bodily fit, one feels capable of hard endeavor and life without endeavor is useless. The great advantage of sports is that they combine exercise with trill, excitement and sensations.

Sports are more than just developing hand-eye coordination and burning calories, youth sports provide many developmental benefits, physical benefits, and psychological benefits. In addition to improved physical health, sports play a positive role in the development of youth.