An analysis of upton sinclair jrs novel the jungle

This investigation had inspired Sinclair to write the novel, but his efforts to publish the series as a book met with resistance. An employee at Macmillan wrote, I advise without hesitation and unreservedly against the publication of this book which is gloom and horror unrelieved.

An analysis of upton sinclair jrs novel the jungle

While there are already hints that things are not well with this couple — Ona has to go to work the next day or else "It will ruin us!

Rewind a year or so to small town Lithuania. Jurgis falls in love with newly-orphaned Ona. He wants to start a family and get ahead. This friend has apparently struck rich in the United States. So Jurgis and his future in-laws have a chat, and they all decide to head to the States to find a better life.

They are tired of the old country and its hierarchies and social rules.

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So off they go: Once they arrive in the U. Not only that, but the living conditions for their family are pretty terrible, so they have to start looking for a house — which is way beyond their current means.

Antanas also finally finds a job pickling meats. So, with four out of the twelve members of the family all working, they decide to put down a down payment on a house. The house has four rooms and there are twelve of them, but Teta Elzbieta sleeps in the same room with all of her children, and it somehow works out.

If they miss a single monthly payment on the remainder of the money they owe, they will immediately be evicted. They also have additional, unexpected interest payments to come up with every month. Believing that they will be able to survive as a family, Jurgis and Ona finally get married.

Then, winter comes — and winter in Chicago is no joke.

An analysis of upton sinclair jrs novel the jungle

Ona is just about to have a baby, so they are scrimping and saving for a doctor, but they are already down two salaries. How are they going to make ends meet? Summer comes, and work picks up. Marija has gotten a job trimming beef at a factory.

Things seem to be somewhat optimistic — until, of course, Jurgis is injured on the job. Teta Elzbieta, who had been looking after the family at home, also goes out to get a job at a sausage-making factory.

So now, while Jurgis is in bed, the employed members of the family are: Teta Elzbieta, Ona still around sixteen or seventeenStanislovas thirteenVilimas elevenand Nikolajus ten.

Slowly, even Jurgis who is not the most perceptive man ever notices that Ona has been changing lately.Do you want to become a better writer? You can! We have the writing support you need. Join thousands of other students in our online writing community and receive.

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A summary of Symbols in Upton Sinclair's The Jungle. Learn exactly what happened in this chapter, scene, or section of The Jungle and what it means. Perfect for acing essays, tests, and quizzes, as well as for writing lesson plans.

An analysis of upton sinclair jrs novel the jungle

The Jungle by Upton Sinclair, adapted by Matt Foss. Oracle Theatre, directed by Matt Foss, music direction by Nicholas Tonozzi, sets by Mat Foss, costumes by Joan Pritchard, lights by Jason Fassl, sound by Sam Allyn, cattle design and additional art by Jesse Mooney-Bullock, Jennifer Drinkwater and Tony Santiago, with Travis Delgado, Stephanie.

SparkNotes: The Jungle: Symbols